To find first-in-class medicines, we seek to better understand the drivers of disease, so that we can find new drug targets and design therapeutic interventions.

We have assembled a toolkit of five R&D platforms (innovative approaches to discovery) to help us treat diseases that have been difficult to treat in the past – to drug the undruggable.

  • Chemical Biology
  • Biotherapeutics (biologics)
  • Radioligand Therapy
  • Gene Therapy
  • Cell Therapy

What is cell and gene therapy?

Scientific discoveries such as vaccines and antibiotics changed the course of history. Now cell and gene therapies are creating a new turning point in medicine and how we treat disease. (PDF 1.85 MB)

Chemical Biology

Brings together scientific disciplines to probe and manipulate biological systems with chemical tools.

Biotherapeutics (biologics)

Medicines composed of building blocks such as amino acids and nucleotides derived from living organisms.