Access to medicine in Africa

Innovation is at the heart of what we do; it is fueled by curiosity and a passionate desire to have a significant impact on underserved communities across the globe. We believe that the ability to listen to and embrace diverse ideas is essential to the innovation that benefits a broader section of society.

Addressing diseases in underserved communities

We continue to shape the global health agenda, broaden patient reach and extend our decades-long efforts to combat diseases in underserved communities. Find out more

Clinical Trial Diversity

It is critical that our innovative therapies include an understanding of impact across a diversity of patient groups, including underserved communities who could greatly benefit from these treatments. That’s why we remain committed to increasing patient diversity within our clinical research and development programs.  This includes leveraging data and digital technology to increase understanding and to inform trial design, trial management, and patient and site selection. Find out more

Novartis is committed to promoting racial equity both inside and outside the company. In 2021, we announced a 10-year collaboration with 26 historically Black colleges, universities and medical schools in the US to address the causes of disparity in healthcare. Find out more

We are also working to strengthen our third party and supplier diversity programs. For example, our Preferred Firm Program for Legal Services now requires specific diverse staffing commitments for each engagement. We have developed LGBTQI guidance for third parties, and uphold D&I principles in all third party risk management, procurement and supply chain practices.