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International career experiences support our personal growth, expand our horizons, help us to understand different cultures and ways of conducting business and prepare us for future roles.

Federica, CFO China

7 years, 4 countries, 1 global career. My career aspiration is to make an impact on people’s lives, accelerate business growth with integrity and growing talents, leaving a sustainable legacy in every role. Novartis has supported me every step of the way!

Federica, CFO China

Aligned to our personal goals and business needs, we may, depending upon level, gain international experience through global-experience programs and rotations, short or long-term international assignments or move more permanently to work in a different country. We can relocate for the duration of an assignment, or commute back and forth if a full family relocation is not possible. 


International Assignments



We know moving internationally or across continents is never easy but we are supported throughout. The support on offer is tailored to our needs based on the duration of the relocation, our family circumstances, our career paths and the reason for our move.

Essential logistical support may include:

  • Relocation travel 
  • Transportation of personal belongings 
  • A stay in temporary accommodation
  • Help with bank account opening, local registrations, finding schools and more permanent rental accommodation
  • Managing the immigration formalities for us and our families
  • Providing a tax advisor to explain the local tax regime and get us started with any local tax filing obligations. 
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For some of the items, if the support on offer isn’t exactly what we need, we can opt to exchange it for a cash amount that we can spend on what matters to us and our families. We understand that landing in country and starting our new role or project is only the first step though. 

Destination and cultural orientation programs help us to better manage our lives in the new environment, give practical tips and real-life advice, address personal security issues, find out about working and communication styles and compare them with those of our new country and colleagues. 

Virtual or classroom-based language training programmes also provide us and our partners with the foundations for communicating and settling-in, and this can be supplemented through peer to peer language conversation exchange with colleagues via our internal Xchange platform.

And then there’s our spouse or partner to consider. We recognise that the traditional ‘trailing spouses’ are a thing of the past and are therefore proud to support our spouses and partners with their own settling-in, professional networking, language training and job search activities. Where possible we also receive support with immigration formalities to give them the right to work.

International Dual Career Network (IDCN)

As a member of the International Dual Career Network (IDCN), we offer them access to all IDCN events in the relevant chapter locations, enabling spouses and partners to meet with recruitment teams of member companies in their new location, better understand the local jobs market and network with like-minded professionals in a similar situation.

And if we have a need that isn’t yet met by the flexible Novartis programmes, our international mobility team are always open to discuss additional needs.


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