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Smart Marketing Strategy

How to Change Your Organization’s Name: A Marketer’s Guide

New ownership, a new direction, a changing marketplace, a fresh start: For any number of reasons, the time may come when you need to change the name of your organization. An identity change is a major undertaking with enormous marketing implications for any business. Where do you start? How do you do it? And how do you avoid mistakes? As a marketing consultant, I often advise clients on how to change their names and develop new brand … [More...]

9 Resolutions to Improve Your Marketing in the New Year

Like most people, you’re probably making resolutions to improve your life in the year ahead. The beginning of a new year is also an ideal time to make some resolutions to improve your marketing. Here are nine resolutions that can help you produce better results from your marketing investment and develop a smarter marketing strategy in the coming year. 9 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Marketing in the New Year Audit it. When was the … [More...]

The Worst Ad on TV? Giggling Grannies Going Skinny-Dipping

In my role as a marketing consultant, I’m often asked to evaluate a company’s marketing program. So I find it almost impossible to turn off my marketing effectiveness radar when I see ads on TV. Sometimes an ad is so brilliantly executed I want to shout “hallelujah.” Other times, it’s so bad I want to throw a shoe at the TV, like those horrible Bill Cowher ads from Time Warner Cable. The latest example of what I consider to be the worst ad … [More...]

6 Reasons You Still Need Print in a Smart Marketing Strategy

Almost every marketer today is focusing on web and mobile marketing, with good reason. By 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphones in use around the world, according to Ericsson. And that’s just smartphones. Billions of eyes also are gazing at tablets, laptops, wearables, and desktop PCs. So where does that leave print marketing? Do marketers still need printed promotional materials in such a tech-driven, screen-obsessed world? The … [More...]